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With our extensive knowledge of survey and using the latest survey methods, we provide our clients with reliable highly accurate 2D/3D data, at a competitive price to meet the needs of the design team.



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Measured Building Survey:

Measured Building Survey – We provide a comprehensive, cross-referenced set of plans which include dimensions of Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections of an existing building. The plans help our clients understand the dimensions of a building, for the purpose of design, useful for planning refurbishments and redevelopments.

Absolute Survey provide floor plans for any building from residential to larger more complex premises. All buildings are surveyed using survey equipment enabling us to fully measure the internal layout efficiently and accurately. The amount of information produced on elevation drawings varies from basic line work to full architectural detail.
Section drawings can be shown through any part of a building. Full architectural detail can be produced in elevation.

A ‘Measured Survey’, sometimes referred to as a ‘Dimensional Survey’, will involve taking measurements of a building and/or its site in order to prepare accurate drawings to scale. Such a survey also usually includes taking levels on every floor. The purpose for which the drawings will be required, their scale, detail and acceptable tolerances need to be agreed between the parties beforehand.The survey may be a part of larger survey requirements, including topographic survey and elevations or may be on it own with sections.


There are four main types of survey elements that combine to create an accurate
MBS survey, these are:


  1. Control survey.

  1. Additional control supplied through other survey components: a topographical
    survey or an external elevation survey.

  1. Internal measurements: full internal measuring with theodolite, tape and
    Disto needs to take place in order to gather the structural information of
    the building and also all of the detailing of each floor of the building,
    depending on the clients spec, services such as pipes, ducts and toilets
    etc. may also need to be measured in if required.

  1. Sections are then created from the CAD drawings from all of the surveys, with
    additional measurements if necessary. The client will usually ask for a few
    sections to be completed,these are CAD representations of the building as
    if it were cut in half showing all structural detail and openings.


All of these surveys must be tied together in order to have confidence in the survey. Each survey acts as a base for the other surveys, so each must be carried out and within the required tolerance as any errors may be passed down the line and increase. 



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